Lightning Design System

Create the world’s best enterprise app experiences.

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Current release: 0.12.2

  • Style with Ease
    With the Lightning Design System you can build custom applications with a look and feel that is consistent with Salesforce core features — without reverse engineering our styles! Simply download our platform-agnostic CSS framework and get started today.
  • Design with Expertise
    Utilize our detailed guidelines to confidently design excellent apps that fit right into the Salesforce ecosystem. With the Design System, you get access to all of the Salesforce core visual and interaction design patterns so that you can follow established best practices and build apps that have a consistent look and feel with the Salesforce user experience.
  • Contribute with Purpose
    The Design System is an open source project on GitHub, meaning you can directly impact its evolution by filing issues and submitting pull requests.. This is as much your tool as it is ours, and we look forward to collaborating with developers and partners on making it even better.
  • Trustworthy

    We’ve put the design system through its paces. We’ve engaged in thousands of hours of user research, and tested the system in all of the same browsers that the Lightning Experience supports.
  • Platform-Agnostic

    You can use our CSS framework with any technology stack you can dream up. Additionally, we provide guidance around how to use it in conjunction with Salesforce technologies such as Lightning, Visualforce, and Heroku.
  • Living

    The Salesforce UX team actively designs, develops, tests, and maintains the design system. As Salesforce pushes out UI changes with every release, the design system stays seamlessly in sync.
  • Downloads

    Get all of the pieces of the Lightning Design System, including our icons, fonts, and CSS framework.

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  • Tutorials

    Learn best practices, tips and tricks on how to use, customize, and implement the Lightning Design System.

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