Release Notes

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Salesforce Lightning Design System

Release notes

Release 0.12.2 - February 8, 2016


  • Add Getting Started > Markup and Style guidelines with BEM information


  • Copy updates on components to represent Voice & Tone Guidelines
  • Some tokens that were unable to be overridden by not having a !default flag has been resolved
  • Reordered tokens so large form factor has priority
  • Fix for scoping issue with tabs and active state - bug #106
  • Increased active tab state specificity

Release 0.12.1 - December 16, 2015


  • Improve status labels. Now associated with colors and contain more information
  • Improve Component Overview tables for more narrow readability



Release 0.12.0 - November 18, 2015


  • Added Resources > Links
  • Changed tabs to use new refactored tab classes (deprecated)


  • Removed default horizontal spacing from buttons in favor of new spacing utilities (deprecated, see New Components below).
  • Tabs have been refactored, changing descendent selectors to BEM syntax (deprecated)
  • Changed source order of Media Objects > Reversed and Media Objects > Double (No longer reordering using flexbox order property)
  • Adjusted Activity Timline > Base to reflect Media Object changes. Removed dl with single dt & dd pairs. Replaced with spans.
  • slds-modal-backdrop and slds-modal-backdrop--open is deprecated in favor of slds-backdrop and slds-backdrop--open since it is used in other components.
  • Removed icon color from .slds-input__icon so that an icon color class is required in addition


  • Switched sizing utility media queries to use em instead of px
  • Updated demo for icons > color and added slds-text-error for validation errors



  • Buttons no longer have default horizontal spacing and require a class or wrapper to provide space
  • Name change: Responsive button changed to Horizontal button
  • slds-modal-backdrop and slds-modal-backdrop--open deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-backdrop and slds-backdrop--open instead
  • Descendant selectors on tabs were changed to BEM syntax
    • slds-tabs--default > slds-tabs__item deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--default__item instead
    • slds-tabs--default > slds-tabs__content deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--default__content instead
    • slds-tabs--default > a deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--default__link instead
    • slds-tabs--scoped > slds-tabs__item deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--scoped__item instead
    • slds-tabs--scoped > slds-tabs__content deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--scoped__content instead
    • slds-tabs--scoped > a deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-tabs--scoped__link instead
  • Decendent selector on .slds-input__icon fill color deprecated in version 0.12.0, use slds-icon-text-default (or any icon color class) on the icon in addition to the original class

Release 0.11.0 - October 29, 2015

  • Changed notifications > modal to notifications > modal-toast
  • Modals > Taglines no longer has a slds-modal__header p selector. Instead, slds-m-top--x-small is placed on the p itself.
  • Stateful button has a [disabled] state
  • If button-groups need their final down icon to hide when [disabled], the .slds-toggle-visibility should be added to the icon. (This affects all page headers, and cards > base.)
  • Nubbins shadows now have proper light source
  • Removed interactive dropdowns from page header examples
  • Added Google Analytics



  • Changed .slds-tooltip to .slds-popover--tooltip, .slds-tooltip will become deprecated (*).
  • Deprecated .slds-has-divider (*), now requires a top or bottom direction appened, e.g. .slds-has-divider--top, .slds-has-divider--bottom
  • Deprecated "Menu with Icons" dropdown variant
  • No longer depends on class names that deal with icon positioning
  • .slds-dropdown__item are set to display: flex with justify-content: space-between by default now. This allows for icon + text to be left aligned and a single icon to be positioned on the same axis to the right hand side. The icon + text that is positioned to the left requires an HTML element, like a <p> with the class .slds-truncate applied.
  • .slds-has-icon, .slds-has-icon--left, .slds-has-icon--right and children classes .slds-icon--left, .slds-icon--right have been deprecated but will persist in code base (*)
  • If user invokes selection on a dropdown item and wants feedback such a a checkmark, that svg now requires a class of .slds-icon--selected
  • (*) Code is still in codebase but will be deprecated, TBD but preliminary removal of release 0.20.0


Release 0.10.2 - October 29, 2015

Release 0.10.1 - October 21, 2015

  • Hot fix for picklist width on datepicker
  • .slds-is-required and .slds-has-error on form elements are now properly scoped within the -vf, -ltng and -scoped compiled css files
  • Font size on datepicker properly displays within scoped compiled css files

Release 0.10.0 - October 20, 2015

  • Changed .slds-button__icon fill colors to use currentColor value to match text color changes
  • Updated .slds-button--icon-* demo and fixed class name typo
  • Added new button variant: .slds-button--destructive
  • Removed max-width (960px) from Modals > Large
  • Added new notification state in modals Notifications > Modal
  • Added .slds-no-flex to SVG in Notifications > Toast (needed for modal application)
  • Changed picklist label and selection list to fixed width. Applied a 5 option max-height with overflow on list.
  • Upgraded @salesforce-ux/design-tokens to 1.3.1
  • @salesforce-ux/design-system package now includes /assets/icons and /assets/images


  • Changed .slds-button--icon-border-small to .slds-button--icon-x-small. This aligns with our other icon names which separate sizing from style
  • Brought inverse close icons into alignment with the other icon buttons. Class on .slds-button has an added .slds-button--icon-inverse. The class .slds-button__icon--inverse was removed from the SVG within.


  • .slds-button--icon-* can be placed on an a and aligns to the center
  • :hover, :focus state added for .slds-button--icon-bare
  • fixed line-height in .slds-button--icon-border-small and .slds-button--icon-bare
  • Added overflow: auto; to the options container for a Multi Select picklist



  • Abstracted form states into own mixins
  • Abstracted feed vertical rule into own mixin

Site Update - October 20, 2015

  • Fixed issues when installing with NPM 3
  • Updated Voice and Tone guidelines

Site Update - October 5th, 2015

  • Clicking anchor links will position the anchor on the page a bit lower than the top of the window now
  • Added typography documentation to design section
  • Added examples for a checkbox fieldset and radio fieldset within the horizontal form modifier

Release 0.9.2 - October 5th, 2015

  • Updated package.json to point to README for licensing information
  • Upgrade icons to v3.1.0
  • Updated small input styles
  • Applied styles to fix the height of a select element when used [size] attribute is applied
  • Forced stacking of checkbox and radio elements when inside a horizontal form modifier
  • Updated picklist, font weight on item select, fixed time select dropdown

Site Update - September 25th, 2015

  • Doc changes
  • Internal SVG icon helper can now use now
  • Miscellaneous typo fixes

Release 0.9.1 — September 24th, 2015

  • Fixed issue with npm module dependencies
  • Fixes issue that caused deprecated design tokens to display

Release 0.9.0 — September 9th, 2015

  • Open Sourced:
    • CSS files scoped in .slds have been added/updated for the following:
    • Visualforce (-vf)
    • Lightning Platform (-ltng)
    • General Use (Most likely in conjuction with other frameworks) (-scoped)


  • Content
    • Getting Started
      • Heroku Added
    • Design
      • Overview Added
      • Colour Added
      • Data Entry Added
      • Displaying Data Added
      • Messaging Added
    • Voice & Tone Added
    • Native -> iOS - Use our iOS integration to style your native iOS applications


Many accessibility updates

  • Changed components to dev-ready: Button Groups, Cards, Tiles, Icons

  • Lookups:

    • Accessibility Requirements added
    • Multi-Select Design and Markup updated
    • Multi-Scope Design and Markup updated
    • .slds-lookup__control has been deprecated, now uses .slds-form-element__control
  • Pill Container Added .slds-pill-container

    • Can contain one or many pills, used on .slds-lookup
  • Data-Tables

    • Row Selection (.slds-is-selected) and row selection hovers have been fixed
  • Tabs

    • Updated tabs to have aria-controls with the same ID in the tab content container
  • Tiles > Author and with-icon have empty alt added

  • Datepickers > multi-select and Forms > compound-form have small element changed to span

  • Card > All variants have DOM changed (header, section, footer changed to div)

  • Data-tables > All variants have accessibility upgrades for th role="row"

  • Forms > validation state now has additional errors surfaced for radio and checkbox

  • Datepickers > All variants

    • Removed role="button" aria-labelledby="bn_prev-label"
    • Changed div#month to h2 class="site-text-heading--large" and removed role="heading"
    • Removed all tabindex
    • Removed span#bn_prev-label and span#bn_next-label
  • Dropdowns > All variants have aria-haspopup="true" moved to the button (actionable element)

  • Page headers > All variants have role="banner" added

  • Picklists > Quickfind temporarily removed until DOM is updated


  • Text > Faux Links has added cursor:pointer

Lots of bug fixes and TLC.